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The NEST is a networking team of Caribbean professionals and stakeholders that supports the operation of the Caribbean VBI by nurturing and equipping entrepreneurs for strategic and technical transformation (i.e. NEST). It is comprised of a team of experienced and passionate educators, entrepreneurs, advisors, consultants and youth advocates from across the Caribbean supporting entrepreneurship, education, business development and skill development. Besides being extremely good at what they do, the NEST team have a personal interest and desire to support Caribbean entrepreneurs – particularly youth.

The NEST is the primary forum for management of the VBI so to allow for broader input of stakeholders, networking for youth entrepreneurs with a supportive and competent human resource base, and to create new value-adding avenues for cooperation of development partners in support of youth entrepreneurship and employment. In so doing the vision of the Caribbean VBI set by Caribbean youth entrepreneurs is furthered: pursuing positive gains for youth in participating countries, leveraging available information and knowledge to create value-added products for wide dissemination, and by helping to strengthen collaboration and build human and entrepreneurial capacity of youth. In short, the NEST represents the heart and mind behind the Caribbean Virtual Business Incubator in making it a place where agripreneurs (i.e. agricultural entrepreneurs) are grown.


The Nesters

Dr. Marcia Brandon

Industry: Entrepreneurship/People Development/Workforce Development (all industries – mainstreamed). In this case Agriculture.

Dr. Govind Seepersad

Tertiary Education – Agricultural Economist / Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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