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Question Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets, Kitchen Cartoons Mitts And Potholders, cartoonm

18 Jun 2021 03:37 #366 by WilliamR
WilliamR created the topic: Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets, Kitchen Cartoons Mitts And Potholders, cartoonm
Also there will be new info regarding Hiromu Arakawa that fans don't want to miss.

Don’t Hustle an Ant With Muscle (DePatie-Freleng/UA, The Ant and the Aardvark, 12/27/70 – Art Davis, dir.) A bit routine for the series, with less than the usual number of expected surprises. In his never-ending race to escape becomins an aardvark’s lunch, Ant enter the bathroom window of a residential home, where he encounters a bottle of vitamin pills. Tuckered out from all the running, he tries one to see if they work on ants. The pill makes him feel so good, he decides to see if 10 will make him ten times as strong. Within moments, Ant has the physique of a miniature body-builder. He leaps outside right past Aardvark. Aardvark turns on his patented vacuum-suction nose, and gets Ant inside. But the buffed insect takes control of the situation, dragging Aardvark around bodily by his nose, pulling it through a hole in the base of a tree truck, then jumping out of the elongated schnozzola, allowing ot to snap back at Aardvark like a rubber band, compressing as if retractable into the features of Aardvark’s face. Aardvark tries to deliver a crushing fist blow on Ant, only to find it has no effect, reverberating with a clang as if Aardvark had struck an object of solid steel, leaving Aardvark in significant pain. Aardvark determines to make Ant “a member of the club” by swinging at him with one, but the club again is stopped cold and vibrates from the collision with the immovable object, the vibrations carrying Aardvark himself off a cliff. Aardvark crawls his way back to the summit, and threatens Ant at his anthill that he’s coming in. No need to, as Ant comes out, burrowing under Aardvark to pick him up and dropping him off the cliff again.

Now a new temptation arises, from the wafting aromas of a hot dog wagon selling its wares just outside the panther’s window. Pink goes through a bipolar crisis, alternating between repeatedly ordering hot dogs from the vendor, then remembering his resolve and turning down the dogs after they are fully constructed. But every time he turns his back on the vendor, visions of hot dogs dance through his head – and even a passing dachshund looks like the genuine article. Finally, the vendor can’t take receiving any more orders, and applies the mustard all over Pink’s face, and the bottle atop Pink’s head.

At the crack of dawn, Swifty is in Shorty’s bedroom, shouting, “Up and at ‘em”, and dousing Shorty with a pail of water to ensure he doesn’t doze. Marching Shorty to the breakfast table, Swifty emphasizes the importance of fueling up with a hearty breakfast for the day ahead. But before Shorty can stab a fork into anything on the table, Swifty grabs the food away, unsisting that in Shorty’s case, avoiding excess calories is more important. While Swifty munches away on fattening breakfast fare, he leaves Shorty with a half-stick of celery. “Can I have the hole in that donut when you’re through?”, Shorty sarcasticallly asks. “Too many calories”, replies Swifty. Shorty doesn’t even get the celery, as Swifty looks at his watch, and declares mealtime over. “Time for the first exercise period”, he commands. “Don’t you mean, time for the first exercise, period?” suggests Shorty. Shorty attempts to sneak out while Swifty describes the first strenuous calisthenics on the program, but Swifty breaks into a fast piece of sales-pitch double0talk about the spirit of our “foundling fathers”, John Paul Jones. Barbara Fritchie, and the immortal words of Uncle Sam, “Speak softly, but deliver that message to Garcia.” Shorty tries his best, but is soon tied up in muscle knots as bad as Olive Oyl’s in “Popeye’s Pep Up Emporium”, previously reviewed. Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets
Kitchen Cartoons Mitts And Potholders

These titles are placed on that cloth doily (upside-down) used on the titles of Clampett’s Russian Rhapsody. Was this doily pattern used in both cartoons – or did Maltese or the Archive mis-match them?

Although I can’t output at full resolution (yet!) here is this little test in half resolution.

Adaptions of Ito’s work haven’t always turned out well — an Uzumaki live-action film exists, but no one was pleased with it. Adult Swim and Production IG are taking the time to get this one right, though…we assume and hope. Uzumaki should appear on Toonami in the fall of 2022.

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