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Question What are the causes of a whirlpool air barrier?

24 Jan 2022 05:33 #1079 by simplyworld
simplyworld created the topic: What are the causes of a whirlpool air barrier?
Have you ever turned on your hot tub but your jets refused and just didn't do anything? Nothing comes out. No water, no air, no nothing at all. A tub without working jets is basically a very expensive bathtub, so you'll undoubtedly want to fix that right away. But what the hell is going on here?

Sounds like an air barrier in the hot tub. And no, we're not talking about an air barrier like you find in a spaceship. You have air in the pipelines. This is a common problem with whirlpool technology. But that's okay, because we have a guide on how to vent your whirlpool pump so you can bathe again without swearing.

What are the causes of a whirlpool air barrier?
To understand why your hot tub isn't working, you first need to understand how you want it to work. Easy:
The tub is filled with water and the waterline is above the skimmer.
The pump is on.
The part of the whirlpool pump called the impeller pulls the water out of the tub via the skimmer.
The water runs through the filter and on to the pump.
The water runs through the pump and is pushed into the pipes that lead to the whirlpool nozzles.
The water is pushed back into the hot tub via the nozzles and continues to circulate through this process as long as the pump is running.

If you turn on the pump but little to no water comes out of the nozzles, you'll have a whirlpool air barrier. This is most likely to happen if you empty and clean your hot tub every quarter. That's what you do, don't you? Correct!
When you empty the hot tub, it's not just water coming out of the tub. It also flows from the pump and the piping that drives the nozzles.
Then fill up the tub again. When the water rises and reaches the nozzles, it should theoretically run into the nozzles and also refill the pipes. But that doesn't always happen.
Instead, the air that replaced the water in the pump and nozzle lines forms a blockage and prevents the water from running into the pipes. It is a power struggle between air and water, and the air often wins it.

Once the hot tub is replenished and you turn on the nozzles, there is no more water in the pump or pipes, so the nozzles can no longer push water into the hot tub. This is bad because the water does not circulate as it should.

But it's really bad because you never want to put a pump into operation without water. Pumps are made to work with water. Without water, the pump's engine could burn out and it will cost you money to either repair or replace it.

Venting the whirlpool pump – Here's how it works
But before that happens, you can easily repair a whirlpool airlock yourself. All you have to do is vent your hot tub pump.
Vent your whirlpool jets
Let's start with the simplest of the two methods. With just a few button presses, you can quickly repair a whirlpool airlock. You don't even need tools for that.
Find the suction mode on the control panel if your hot tub has one. If not, that's not a problem; you can still use this method.
Switch the nozzles to low for 10 to 20 seconds.
Turn the nozzles up for another 10 to 20 seconds.
Repeat the process until the nozzles work without gurgling or air bubbles.
This is a simple solution, but it doesn't always work. If the air bubble still hasn't disappeared after three or four attempts, stop the process so as not to damage the pump and try the next solution.

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